A little Press for Public History

Keeping the goings on of the local museum in the press can be quite difficult, especially when a lot of folks don’t realize that the news from the past is often also the news from the present.  I’ve learned if I want to promote history I have to get out there and do it. What I find is press releases work well, especially if your hometown paper is looking to fill a little space.  After our great success at the Casper home show last weekend where we raised a staggering $2,000, it seemed a good idea to send out a press release to show that a lot of folks are beginning to support our humble little museum. As the museum grows in professionalism and collection standards so it seems does the support.


Check out the article here and tell us what you think.

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Pony Express Quilt Fundraiser: Talk About a Bargain

During our Pepsi Refresh grant time Rick Davis, Vice Chairman of the museum Board, managed to have a booth donated to the museum by Jan Reiter, a fellow museum enthusiast, for the Casper Home Show. The Home show is taking place this weekend and we are already selling lots of tickets for our raffle. A $10 donation entitles you to one raffle ticket. The raffle includes a hand made Afghan from Lester Grant, a framed 1912 map of Wyoming from Rick Davis and a handmade Pony Express quilt by Barb Davis. With 200 hours of her spare time Barb created history in fabric. You must see this quilt in person. Its wonderful. Barb was lucky enough to be present from some of the many oohs and aaahs her work created from the Home Show crowds. The Home Show goes on for a couple more days and we are hoping to sell a few hundred tickets. Please come out and support your local museum.


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