Regret to inform: Laverne Babe Rookstool 1926-2011

The Glenrock Historical Commission, founder of the Deer Creek Museum are sad to announce the passing of Babe Rookstool. Her husband Les Rookstool was a founding member of the Commission. Babe accompanied Les to many a board meeting bringing smiles with her every time. Services will be held for Mrs. Rookstool Wednesday April 27, 2011 at the Community Baptist Church in Glenrock, Wyoming. Babe’s full obituary can be read here.

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4th Grade Local History Trip: Small Town History’s Significance

Next week the museum will open the doors a little early in the season for the annual 4th grade local history trip. Its always nice to see the enthusiasm on the student’s faces as they wander around their town’s past, seeing familiar names and images. That’s the beauty of the small town museum; that personal connection. National museums are great for browsing the artifacts of lost civilizations but its only at the local museum that you can really connect with the objects in the cases.

I remember my first connection to my home town museum and how it felt to feel time rushing backward to the moment when the artifact was in true context, used in the everyday world, holding the impressions of the people in the period.  For me it was a magical moment but perhaps that’s just my history nerd gene coming through. Even now years later I wander around the objects of my adopted town’s past and feel that connection to the folks that stood on this very spot and shaped their lives and the town’s future. Its so great that students today get a moment to think about the children of the past.

I’m not sure too many of today’s younger folks would actually enjoy the life of their ancestors where cell phones, lap tops and the Internet were not even conceived. I’m sure though that a pioneer child would balk at some of the developments and social changes of our time. One room school houses are only a few years in Wyoming’s past with some children still the only one in their rural classroom. Yes things change but  somethings always stay the same including the wonder on a student’s face when they make that time reversing magic their own.

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