Pony Express Quilt Fundraiser: Talk About a Bargain

During our Pepsi Refresh grant time Rick Davis, Vice Chairman of the museum Board, managed to have a booth donated to the museum by Jan Reiter, a fellow museum enthusiast, for the Casper Home Show. The Home show is taking place this weekend and we are already selling lots of tickets for our raffle. A $10 donation entitles you to one raffle ticket. The raffle includes a hand made Afghan from Lester Grant, a framed 1912 map of Wyoming from Rick Davis and a handmade Pony Express quilt by Barb Davis. With 200 hours of her spare time Barb created history in fabric. You must see this quilt in person. Its wonderful. Barb was lucky enough to be present from some of the many oohs and aaahs her work created from the Home Show crowds. The Home Show goes on for a couple more days and we are hoping to sell a few hundred tickets. Please come out and support your local museum.


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Museum in the Running for Overhaul Funding from Pepsi Refresh Project

Attached is a link to the Pepsi Refresh Project and our museum’s voting page. Our small museum on the Oregon trail is in need of funding for a complete overhaul. We need cases, exhibit space, exhibit tools, preservation supplies, promotional literature and the funds to begin some exciting history projects in our community. This is our chance to save a piece of American history. Please repost this as your status, share with friends and help us get votes to preserve Wyoming’s history.


Our town is located on the Oregon Trail, is home to the Rock in the Glen, a famous rock autographed by those many pioneers, the site of a civil war fort, the site of a pony express home station, one of the early stops on the Mormon trail and of course, home to some of the early roots of westward expansion, the oil industry and early mining. We need this money very badly and this seems to be the only chance we have to refresh everything. Please vote and please spread the word to everyone on your FB account. Thanks so much for helping us keep the dream alive. Without our history we cannot fully understand the present and have no way to successfully create the future.

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New Donations from the Senior Center

Glenrock’s active senior community came up trumps again when their director Jill offered the museum a collection of items that had come through the center’s thrift store but were too delicate or old to sell. Among the collection was a hand made doll’s house made by a gentleman whose family was very much involved in the creation of the senior center which has become a staple of Glenrock social life. I’m waiting for an oral history and the right packaging material to box up the doll’s house and get it to the museum. Its a nice piece and I will be finding a suitable spot.

Also donated by the senior center were over 20 books from the 1880s include a Bernard Shaw and a collection of Jack London books. Three LIFE magazines from the week of the Kennedy Assassination will join our Kennedy assassination newspapers. There were also a number of household items including an old school glass humidifier, a GE iron from the 30s in the its original box, a flat iron from WWI and a wonderful old washing machine from the late 50s. I’m excited to go through the items more carefully, get them cleaned, labeled and out onto the exhibit floor.

It is this type of generous donation that keeps the social history of Glenrock preserved. Thanks Seniors!

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Museum Steps

At the last board meeting I got permission to rip up the carpet on the steps leading onto the exhibit floor. Despite all the other renovations going on right now, it seemed a necessary evil. I ripped up the dirty old carpet and found piles of dust and beautiful hardwood floors underneath. They need a little sprucing up but they make for a definite improvement.

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