Grants, Hisers and all the Stories in Between: Another Hit for History at the Glenrock Library

Rachel Grant gave a rousing account of the history of Ulysses “Uly” Grant and his ranching legacy to a packed library last Thursday evening. This marked the third lecture in the summer history program, a collaboration between Deer Creek Museum and the Glenrock Library. Rachel provided a detailed account of the ranching family that has been and still is such an integral part of Glenrock’s history.


Surrounded by framed photographs of the many generations of the Grant family, Rachel told the tale of an Iowan with a pioneer spirit who found a new home in Wyoming. Her facts and stories were confirmed by the many living family members in attendance at the lecture. Glenrock residents nodded in smiling agreement as Rachel explained the many lines of the Grant/Hiser legacy and enjoyed compliments on members of the family from the large audience. It was a fabulous turnout for a fascinating lecture.


This coming Thursday, July 7 at 6 P.M. the summer history program continues by delving into the history of Glenrock’s public space. A discussion on the past, present and future of the Glenrock Library will take place with a question and answer session to follow. Barbershop bookshelves and vanishing yellow houses will be among the items on the discussion list. The talk will be presented by several members of the Glenrock Library staff who will provide a little insight into the past, present and future into the town’s most important public space.


July 14 the Pony Express comes to town with a celebration of the Deer Creek Home Station presented by former National President of the Pony Express Association, Les Bennington. Discussion of the past Pony Express and the current Reride Association is expected. On the 21st of July Kathy Patceg provides an informed view of historic downtown Glenrock and the steps to preserve its legacy. Head of the town’s newly formed and award winning Main Street Committee, Patceg will explain how small communities will be the saving grace of local businesses and community spirit.


All lectures are free, suitable for all ages and open to the general public. For more information contact the Glenrock Library at 436-2573 or Deer Creek Museum (currently open for the summer season) at 436-2810.


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History Program Continues: Grilley Tells Audience How it Really Was

Nena Grilley, one of Glenrock’s finest storytellers, captured her audience’s full attention last Thursday evening as she shared her knowledge of Deer Creek’s early settlement. Through Grilley, attendees at the Glenrock Summer Lecture Series gained insight into the characters and personalities that first settled in the Glenrock area.


From Mormon persecution, the Civil War and the Pony Express to the Indian Wars, the Oregon Trail and Deer Creek crossing, Grilley’s audience learned Glenrock history from the early 1840s to the late 1880s. Grilley’s pioneer attire was the icing on the cake to her informed presentation. Her separation of myth and fact created a clear picture of how the town really developed. It was another success in the summer program: “One Town Many Stories,” a collaboration between the Glenrock Library and the Deer Creek Museum.


Four chances remain for Glenrock residents to enjoy rousing tales of the area’s history. This free program (refreshments served) continues this coming Thursday evening at 6 P.M. when Rachel Grant tells the tale of the Sno-Shoe Ranch. Attendees will hear how Ulysses Grant, an early homesteader, created not only a family cattle business but the foundation of Glenrock’s relationship with area ranches.


On July 7th members of Glenrock’s library staff will explain how a barber shop housed Glenrock’s first library and the power of a women’s book club to create a legacy spanning 50 years. The program will include a discussion of the library’s present role in the community and the importance of public space in history. The lecture will conclude with a discussion on the library’s future and how technology and Glenrock residents will help to shape that future.


On July 14th former National President of the Pony Express Association and Glenrock resident Les Bennington will share his vast knowledge of the Deer Creek Home Station and its role in the life of the Pony Express. The following week Kathy Patceg, city building inspector and head of the Main Street Program will talk about the buildings in Glenrock’s downtown area, their history and their importance to local businesses and the preservation of America’s main street.


Programs start at 6 P.M. Thursday evenings at the library. Everyone is invited to attend. The program is suitable for all ages.

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